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Rocking the 'Mismatched Bridesmaid' Look


bridesmaid with different style dressesmismatched bridesmaids dresseshow to successfully mismatch bridesmaids dresses


Last year I photographed lots of weddings where the bridesmaids wore mismatching dresses- I loved it! This is fast becoming one of the hottest trends in choosing the theme for the bridal party.  It has gained popularity as laid back weddings take centre stage.  It's one of those rare trends that's can be frugal and fun.


The brides that I speak too largely are choosing this for their theme to look on trend but also and just as importantly to keep bridesmaids happy.  It works to let bridesmaids choose their dresses according to their budget, taste and type of body.  If you have ever had to squeeze into a pink taffeta dress to please the bride then you know that this is all good news to up and coming wanna be bridesmaids.


If you decide to incorporate this plan into your wedding, what are the biggest secrets to mismatched bridesmaids and not lose your mind in the process?


Before you start down this path you need to consider your main objective in choosing the mismatching theme.  Is it budget? Is it the difference ages and sizes of your bridal party?  Are you only concerned with making sure everyone is truly wearing something they love? Will you care if things don't turn out the way you imagined them?  For example if you have a particular vision in mind, don't tell every one to pick out a dress they love - go with them to choose, or more fun do it as bridal party, make a day of it.  Give direction and guidance.  If it's budget and your paying be sure to give guidance to your budgets.  If you are really laid back and totally trust your bridesmaid at least give them a colour swatch for them to go solo shopping.  


Neutrals including grey, were so hot last year especially when it came to bridesmaid dresses.  As a general rule neutrals give mismatched dresses a more unified look than any other colour.  Try them all in a short knee length to give an edgy look.  When choosing other any colour, be careful as not everyone interprets colour in the same way.  So if you want everyone's outfits to look cohesive, choose a single shade and stick with them.  Set up a pinterest board with your colour choices along with a examples of dresses, as mentioned above, give your party colour swatches.  If you want everyone to have the same style, give them direction on length and material type. You don't have to get specific with your materials such as chiffon or silk, but perhaps 'long and flowy' or 'short and structured' might work.


If matching styles doesn't float your boat and you feel you would like your party to be able to wear their outfit again, you can stick with just one colour and let everyone dictate their style.  This works wells when your bridal party is made up of lots of different body types or very different personal styles.  In the photos the Bride was wonderfully laid back and trusting in her bridesmaids and gave them a colour swatch and let them get on with it. The result was a beautiful array of mismatched dresses in the same blue tone. As a bridal group they looked on trend and individually their outfits suited their age, figure and personality.  Which is exactly what the bride's vision was to begin with.  If the bridesmaids are shopping solo it is a good idea to agree on a level of formality before everyone goes shopping.  A evening gown might look strange next to a cotton summer dress.  Giving your bridesmaids free reign over their dresses sounds stress free, but it could seriously back fire.  It's better to work together on to find dresses and have fun in the process!


If you are planning on going way out there, you can easily add more variety by doing more than one colour or adding print options.  The key to keeping things cohesive is making sure there are some points of similarity.  You could do all floor length dresses in a mixture of pastels, or a mixture of prints but within the same colour family.  This works well when you feel your bridesmaids have a great sense of style.  You can always provide some guidance about your Wedding theme to keep the look together. The patterned and plain look is a great look for a garden, daytime wedding.  Perhaps the dress are same style but the patterns vary. This works really well with vintage bridal parties and can add a fantastic flair of fun to your overall look!

Felicity Newberry from Wellington Weddings says says "There is no denying it, mismatching bridesmaids are the look of the year and perhaps more than just a passing trend! Gone are the days of stressing about whether one design or colour will flatter all of your girls because the mismatched bridesmaids trend is the solution!"


So it seems no matter how you are style the 'mismatched' look the one rule to ensure you have a cohesive look on the day you have to follow one rule - This rule is that all bridesmaid's looks have to have one common thread.  This can be that they're all from the same colour palette, they are use silk, they're all similar lengths.  You can change everything else but one thing has to stay the same so that they all look like part of the bridal party.

Blue toned Wedding shoes and matching bridal flowersBlue bries shoes

(Eva's bridal party look beautiful in midnight blue - her favourite colour.  A very flattering colour as it is suits most skin tones. She also dyed her wedding shoes the same beautiful colour.)



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