The Best Christmas Present

October 22, 2018  •  2 Comments


Boudoir photography by Kate KimberA candid photo of a near naked lady lying on a bed by Kate Kimber PhotographyHappy Christmas Darlin' Candid photography of lady semi naked



A Very Merry Christmas my love

Boudoir Photography 


Photographs are very personal.  We all have our favourites. This is one of mine.  I would love to tell you that these fabulous legs are my own - but I can only wish.  These gorgeous pins belong to a long time client - whose name I shall keep a guarded secret.


Day to day you might think that this lady was quite shy - in fact she is. Perhaps I can credit myself that after many photo shoots with her and her family over the years she has become accustomed to the camera or she's just very modest!


A few Christmas's ago she rang me and asked for a shoot.  When I got to her house she was alone and with a cheeky smile on her face.  She was after a special Christmas card for her husband.  She had just had her bedroom decorated and it was perfect for the shoot we had in mind. We talked through lots of ideas and I suggested this pose as it perfectly showed off her 'to die for' legs and was sexy and suggestive without showing too much! 


So with a towel wrapped round her we stuck her pins in the air and shot.  To finish it off she threw on a fabulous pair of sexy red christian louboutin's. 


I wish I could have been there to see her husband's reactions  - I bet it was a picture!


* You will be surprised how many woman find Boudoir photography extremely empowering. I’m passionate about helping women feel stronger and sexier and more confident. When I show woman their photos they often cry with joy as they never believed they could look so stunning and beautiful.  The old phrase 'a camera never lies' is so true! 



Sue minett(non-registered)
Absolutely wonderful photography. have really captured her beauty .....
Jodie Wilkerson(non-registered)
I wish you still lived closer still. I'd love to feel brave enough to have one of these shoots and there's no one else I'd feel more comfortable with than you! Kate is such a warm and friendly person. I guarentee you'll feel at ease with her.
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