Are you frustrated with your photos and feel like you don't have a clue what to do with your camera?  





  • You're stuck on automatic and you know you're not making the most of your camera
  • You feel like your camera has too many buttons and you don't know where to start
  • You're tried to take photos of your kids playing but they are all blurred
  • You want the arty photos with the blurred background
  • You are really frustrated with your camera


If you've been using your camera on Auto, or trying various settings with mixed results, this workshop will give you a good foundation in photography.  It is designed for anyone with a digital camera who wants to gets to grips with the basics in photography.  The workshop will be a mixture of light theory and out and about practice. You'll have ample hands-on practice and take home handouts and assignments to refine your skills.



CAMERA FUNCTIONS - Understanding your own camera; buttons, functions, settings.

EXPOSURE  - Understand the basics of correct exposure.  

SHUTTER SPEED - How to capture sport and action on your camera.

APERTURE - How to control depth of field and learn how to create blurred backgrounds in your portraits to really make subjects stand out.  How to adjust your aperture to take landscape photographs with detailed depth of field.

FOCUS - Adjusting your focus buttons to ensure your photography is sharp.  Techniques to guarantee the sparkling eyes in your portrait known as 'catch lights'.

COMPOSITION - Learn the 10 rules of perfect photo composition.  Techniques to create a wonderful image from the most ordinary of situations.  Learn the best way to position people and composition of landscapes.

FILE SIZES - setting for your own needs.



WHERE: The workshop is delivered on location outside, weather depending.  The workshop is 10am to 3pm.

Cost:  £120 per person one on one.  £75 per person minimum 2 people.


Previous Experience:  Complete beginners or anyone wanting to get their camera off Auto Mode. I work on the basis that you know very little or nothing at all.  


Please email [email protected] or telephone 07726333566 to book.